Moundsville To Screen at Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, MD March 14


Emmitsburg, MD—Mount St. Mary’s is showing Moundsville, co-directed by John W. Miller (C’99). The movie will be shown on Thursday, March 14 in Laughlin Auditorium in the Coad Science Building at 7:00 pm.

Filmmakers John W. Miller and David Bernabo will take questions after the 75-minute movie. Admission is free and open to the public.

See for trailer, info, and options to rent/buy.

Moundsville, which has been shown in New York, Pittsburgh and Moundsville, and is available to rent or buy online, is the economic biography of a classic American town, from the prehistoric burial mound it’s named after, through the rise and fall of industry, to the age of Walmart and shale gas, and a new generation figuring it all out.

Told through the voices of residents, the story covers an arc that includes Moundsville’s Native American origins, white settlement, Marx toy plant (it made Rock’em Sock’em robots), legendary prison, first African-American mayor, post-industrial decline, and current small businesses.

The constant is the 2,200-year-old mound left behind by a Native American people, a Greek chorus reciting time’s insistence on change.

By reckoning with deeper truths about the heartland and its economy, without nationalist nostalgia, liberal condescension, stereotypes, or talking about Trump, Moundsville plants seeds for better conversations about America’s future.

For more information, contact John W. Miller on 412-298-0391

or Ed Egan of Mount St. Mary’s at 301-447-8398

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