Free Screening of Moundsville at Wheeling Jesuit University on Monday, March 25 at 630 p.m.


Wheeling, WV– The Moundsville documentary film will screen in the CET Recital Hall at the Wheeling Jesuit University at 630 p.m. on Monday, March 25. After the movie, the filmmakers will answer questions and lead a discussion.

You can find details about screening location and other information here.

The screening of the 74-minute film is organized by the Appalachian Institute at Wheeling Jesuit University. Although Moundsville is a secular movie, and there’s no overt discussion of religion or church in the movie, the film shares with religious thought, and in particular Catholic social teaching, its intense focus on the deeper truths of people’s lived experience.  In particular, it discusses how the community has changed over time, and how people in this classic American industrial town are coping with changes in economic fortunes.

Moundsville is the economic biography of a classic American town, from the prehistoric burial mound it’s named after, through the rise and fall of industry, to the age of WalMart and shale gas, and a new generation figuring it all out. Told through the voices of residents, the story covers an arc that includes Moundsville’s Native American origins, white settlement, Marx toy plant (it made Rock’em Sock’em robots), legendary prison, first African-American mayor, post-industrial decline, and current small businesses. The constant is the 2,200-year-old mound left behind by a Native American people, a Greek chorus reciting time’s insistence on change. By reckoning with deeper truths about the heartland and its economy, without nationalist nostalgia, liberal condescension, stereotypes, or talking about Trump, Moundsville plants seeds for better conversations about America’s future.

The Appalachian Institute at Wheeling Jesuit University promotes research, service, and advocacy for and with the people of Appalachia to build healthier, stronger, and more sustainable communities. Rooted in Jesuit tradition, the Institute facilitates objective conversation around topics pertinent to the region, including: public health, environment, energy, culture, and community development. The Appalachian Institute carries out its mission by coordinating service and experiential learning immersion trips for several high school and college groups across the country, facilitating student and faculty research and engagement opportunities, and presenting public forums and workshops throughout the academic year. The Appalachian Institute also manages sustainability programs on WJU’s campus.


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