Meeting the Media, On Moundsville

We haven’t been sure how much media interest there’d be in the story of a post-industrial West Virginia river town. After all, there’s been so much done on the decline of Manufacturing, USA, from Michael Moore’s movie Roger&Me, to George Packer’s book The Unwinding. Why would anybody want to watch another sad story of decline?Continue reading “Meeting the Media, On Moundsville”

Premiere Set For Dec. 7 In Moundsville

We had talked about showing our movie for the first time at Pittsburgh theatres like Row House or Regent Square. In the end, we got an offer to do the premiere at the Strand, a 98-year-old theatre in the center of Moundsville. There’s already a lot of interest on Facebook. We’d love to fill up theContinue reading “Premiere Set For Dec. 7 In Moundsville”

About ‘Moundsville’

Moundsville is the biography of a classic American town, on the Ohio River in West Virginia, where Appalachia hits the Midwest. Told through the voices of residents, the film sidesteps clichés — like opioids, coal, and Trump — and traces the town’s story from the Native American burial mound it’s named after, through the riseContinue reading “About ‘Moundsville’”