Why there’s no Trump in “Moundsville”

I have an essay in Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that tells the story of premiering “Moundsville” in Moundsville. It also tackles the T word. One reason journalists got obsessed with telling stories about small-town America is, of course, the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Explaining why people grew to support the reality-TV star was something weContinue reading “Why there’s no Trump in “Moundsville””

Details for Pittsburgh Premiere of “Moundsville” at Carnegie Museum

“Moundsville” will premiere in Pittsburgh on Jan. 17 at 8pm, at one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, the Carnegie Museum of Art. You can buy tickets ($10; $8 for members; $5 for students) via the museum website. The movie will be screened in a small theatre that seats around 200. (So makeContinue reading “Details for Pittsburgh Premiere of “Moundsville” at Carnegie Museum”

The Der Spiegel scandal, parachuting, and why journalists should behave more like anthropologists

I hope the story about the reporter for the German magazine Der Spiegel who went to the small town in Minnesota and made everybody look like gun-toting Trump-worshiping idiots in a long story full of falsehoods highlights the qualities of “Moundsville”. There is a way to cover heartland America in a way that resonates withContinue reading “The Der Spiegel scandal, parachuting, and why journalists should behave more like anthropologists”

“Moundsville” Released Online + Bonus Feature

Hi everybody, we’ve now released “Moundsville” online! You can rent or buy the movie here. We’ve also released a bonus feature where I explain why we made this movie. We’re still figuring out how the life of an independent movie works. But there is one thing I know for sure: We need YOUR help. Please,Continue reading ““Moundsville” Released Online + Bonus Feature”

Online release Saturday, Dec. 15!

It’s the holiday season, and I’ve just arrived at my parents in Brussels, where I lived most of my life before moving to Pittsburgh in 2011. When I came to Western Pennsylvania that year to cover steel and mining for the Wall Street Journal, I was drawn to places that explain America to me. I’mContinue reading “Online release Saturday, Dec. 15!”

More screenings of “Moundsville”!

Besides the Jan. 17 Pittsburgh premiere at the Carnegie Museum of Art, we have more screenings in the works. We’re in talks to premiere at a mid-town venue in New York City on Jan. 14., and Wheeling at two different locations early in the year. And of course, the online release is coming up onContinue reading “More screenings of “Moundsville”!”

An Enchanted Evening In Moundsville

What a great evening in Moundsville on Friday night! 170 people attended the premiere of “Moundsville” last night — at the Strand in Moundsville. It cost $5, the seats were comfortable and the lobby smelled like popcorn. And, a bit to my surprise, they seemed to really like it! We got some laughs, and, atContinue reading “An Enchanted Evening In Moundsville”

City Council is Coming!

Al Olson has a nice write-up of “Moundsville” in the The Intelligencer. “A documentary featuring Moundsville was chosen to represent the archetypal post-industrial American town,” he writes.  The best part, though is this: Moundsville City Council began its Tuesday meeting by enthusing about the movie. Mayor Allen Hendershot expressed a desire to see those whoContinue reading “City Council is Coming!”