One More Trip to Moundsville

I drove down to Moundsville this week  ahead of the premiere on Dec. 7. I went to hand out fliers, meet with Sadie Crow, manager of the Strand theatre, and talk to some of the people I’ve met over the past year. “Are you the fella who’s made that movie?” an older man asked me when I ducked into his store. We had an interesting conversation about whether discussion in the movie of the town’s richer day would evoke pride or sadness in locals. (Both.) The theatre is cool. I imagined the thousands of magical evenings that have happened there before: concerts, movies, Shakespeare, one-woman shows. Outside, the snow covered the mound in a soft sheen of white. It was lovely. I took the picture below with an iPhone7 — in color.

John W. Miller

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  1. Break a leg next week!  I can’t wait to download the film.  It will be a nice gift for my 88 year-old dad! 

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