Special Offer for Residents of Moundsville/Glen Dale: Get Free Copy of ‘Moundsville’ (On PBS Soon) To Watch At Home

This is a hard time for everybody. If you’re stuck at home, you need books to read, and movies to watch. To help out the people of the Moundsville/Glen Dale area, we’re offering a free copy of ‘Moundsville’, which will be on PBS starting in April.

To obtain your free copy, send me an email at jmjournalist@gmail.com and tell me a bit about your connection to the town and what you love (or don’t like) about it, and what gives you hope or what’s helping you get through these hard times. I’ll print the best reflections in a blog post.

John W. Miller

PS: Credit to Jodi Sandvik for this idea. She posted a nice note about how Moundsville will be okay. “We may be poor but we take care of each other in so many ways,” she wrote.

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